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Roundback - 1/3 scale model

This sleigh is a one-third scale reproduction of a North Country roundback which was made during the period from the 1830s to the early 1900s in upstate New York.  Lewis County ( the area where this sleigh was built ), has an average snow fall of approx. 150 inches annually.  The sleigh has a high back and was primarily built for comfort and reliability.

Sugarloaf Mountain Sleighs are hand made from the same woods originally used in the full size sleighs.  Oak and Ash are steam bent for the running gear and Poplar and other soft woods are used in the body.  The Iron stays and scrolled runners heel are hand forged. The seat and carpet are velour.  The eagle heads are hand molded.  Multiple coats of paint produce the deep luster of the old carriages and sleighs. The striping and fine lining are also done by hand. We can also hand paint a scene of your choice on the back panel of the sleigh if  you choose.  A certificate of authenticity and brass serial number plaque come with the sleigh. Because picture quality is high loading may be slow.  Please be patient.  Thanks.

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The striping and fine lining may look broken up due to picture compression.

       Size: 27"long, 14"wide, 16"high - Weight is approx. 6 lbs.  UPS Shippable 

For color photos and brochure send $5 - refundable. Send to: Sugarloaf Mountain Sleighs  777 W. Butler Dr. Sugarloaf, Pa. 18249.  Or for information regarding price, shipping and availability please email us at or phone us at 570 788 3413.     Thank you.

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