Sugarloaf Mountain Sleighs - scale model  to  FULL size.

Horse - Pony - OLDE TIME Decorator - and 1/3 scale - horse drawn sleighs for sale



These sleighs have been  restored.  They are fully upholstered, painted and hand striped and come with shafts.  They are beautiful and ready to go "Over the river and through the woods."    For availability and price please email at or phone  570 788 3413.    We can deliver to your site.             

The photos are only thumbnails so  please   click   on them to see a larger photo. 

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     Albany sleigh                         Portland                         Albany                                      Full size Portland  -                               Full size Albany                                  Full size Albany


Full size Albany                           Full size Portland

For additional information and prices of these sleighs please email or phone us at 570 788 3413.


Below - One of a kind set of hand carved wooden horse, leather harness, Albany sleigh and driver.

elizset4.jpg (51753 bytes)

The above work of art is a four piece set of horse, harness, sleigh and driver.  Everything is one third scale.  The horse is hand carved of American basswood and is approx. 28" long. The harness is made of Cabretta leather and nickel plated buckles.  The sleigh is a single seat Albany the details of which you can see on the Albany page on this web site.  The driver is an exquisite doll (Elizabeth), made by Karen Vander Logt.  The combination is displayed on a hardwood board which is 5 1/2 feet long by 13" wide.  It is a three dimensional representation of a Currier & Ives type print and is truly a unique set.  There are two other sets similar but not exactly the same which I made and sold at auction last spring and fall.  We do not want to slow down the loading of this web page by adding detailed pictures and information about this work.   If you are interested, please email or phone me regarding price photos and availability.  Thank you for viewing this page. 

For additional information regarding shipping and availability please email or phone us at 570 788 3413.  Thank you.


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